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Kim Jaejoong Mine Review- Breaking the codes-

 I don't know why, This MV make wanna do my own review..Don't blame me, Blame Cjes, haha, they make me wanna break the code. As I am a  media student, I learn about making video and what lies behind it..Every video need to have a message to tell the audience. so   Let  divide this into two  aspect, Video images  and lyric.,.

First,  Jaejoong is lost , this remind me of  Tohoshinki 'Break Out' , I was like, He is running from those 'hands' that touch him right ? I mean.. This scene...


yea... because MINE MV, start with this...


Feel like, he running from SM,  in to new world... something like that... 

and then, This, this Owl... is there any meaning? Looks like someone is watching him??  running in the forest who?? SM?? hmm.. I am curious ~

But I like the slow motion technique ... You look Cool , Mr OWL.. =P 

Err.. you too.. Uncle DOG.. hahaha... 
Photo: [Pic] Notice something similar in Jaejoong's MINE and TVXQ's Catch Me?

[Posted by D]
Credit Goes to " AllAboutCassiopeia"

Look at this image, This image is comparison between  TVXQ ' catch me' and  Kim Jaejoong  ' Mine MV' 
.. Jaejoong was singing.. " why you are so noisy ?! " on this part, so, I was thinking he talked about SM. Why they are so noisy? telling others not to let JYJ on broadcast again? Why? why? why? 

Photo: [Pic] Even more similarities between Jaejoong's MINE and TVXQ's MIROTIC?

[Posted by D]

Credit goes to : AllAboutCassiopeia

and this...  its really look like TVXQ Mirotic isn't it?  Its like telling the viewers that Jaejoong was 'tied' up before and he want to be free ... and  now he did it. 

and I love this!! OMG... =P 

The birds are like all the obstacle they need to face after the law suit.  Jaejoong, represent JYJ is telling us, that they will face anything  that might come on their road to success. 

and this...

Why he need t show his tattoo??  see, TVfXQ soul, hope till the end ~~

and 'Always keep the faith' tatoo... yeah, he did it when he was in TVXQ but why he need to show it in his MV, so , Cassiopeia ..  he is telling us to keep the faith!! 

This picture is telling them ' those who involve' that he is Serious!!! 

and this... I like this... dark angel... reminds me about 

"I can be your GOOD  friend but BAD enemy!!" - Phantom of the opera

Lets move on to the lyric... I think all the lyric is attract my attention especially 

"pain that I never though"... come on Cassiopeia , if you listen to JYJ's nameless song part one, you will understand... 

"this is my ocean" ... Cassiopeia, everybody call us red ocean.. remember? because we are the largest Fandom ever, just since the break up, we split in to two.. (some of us).. 

"don't try to block the sun that shines on me "- Well, for those who block all JYJ activities, they should know this song is dedicated to who? he..he..

Plus, Xiah  posted this quote  on his Twitter: 

[TRANS] @1215thexiahtic 아무리 감추려 애써도..새어나오는 빛처럼^^ 

No matter how hard one tries to hide it, the light will escape and shine^^

Photo: [TRANS] @1215thexiahtic 아무리 감추려 애써도..새어나오는 빛처럼^^ 
No matter how hard one tries to hide it, the light will escape and shine^^
trans by: Ruby, JYJ3

Got the clue??  done breaking the codes , but its based on my opinion, credits goes to who deserve. Haters and stans, please don't block me, I am just a loyal Cassiopeia.. JYJ is asking us to keep our faith, so please don't EVER say we are creating our own fantasies  but , I love JYJ stans,  you are supporting our oppas.. ^^ 


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